Harry Potter Tie......

In His classic house colours of Burgandy with Gold stripe.

One Size / Fits: Adult & Children.

 Harry Potter Scarf.....

Made in his classic house colours of Burgandy with Gold stripe.

Made in a soft brushed nylon.

One size/ Fits Adults & Children.

 Harry Potter Wand ......

Comes sealed on card...... making it a fantastic gift especially for little ones !!

Suitable for Adults & Children.... Not recommended for 0-3

Adult "Hary Potter" Costume;

Costume Comes Including:

  • Long Robe with attached hood and Gryffindor Logo on chest
  • Clasp to fasten.
  • Unisex design.

One size / Small - XLarge

Other accessories NOT Included

Childs Authentic Licensed Harry Potter Set.....

Comes sealed in presentation packaging making it a wonderful gift !!

Contains: Gryffindor Robe with house logo and hood and has a  Clasp fastening, Glasses & Wand

One size: Fits up to age 8

Robe is made in Polyester mix.

 Harry Potter Robe :

Childs "Gryffindor" Robe... Harry Potter Robe:

Suitable for all Harry Potter Fans !!

Unisex Robe to wear for Harry Potter, Hermione.....

  • Lightweight Black robe with attached hood that is lined in Burgandy.
  • Printed Gryffindor House Logo on chest
  • Comes including clasp fastening.

Harry Potter Glasses.

Black Plastic Frame with Clear Glass Lense.

For Every Harry Potter Enthusiast !! a must have accessory for all Child and Adult Potter Fans !!

One size: Adult / Child