Trick Fried Egg......

Our best seller amongst our Joke food items..... Realistic looking Fried egg !!

Use as a Stage Prop, Show off your cooking skills !!! or just use to create a real good giggle !!!

Made in soft Rubber.

Water Bomb Balloons.....

  • Pack of 20 Balloons
  • Safe for Adults & Children to use
  • Outdoor Fun Play

Trick Fried Bacon......

One of Our best sellers amongst our Joke food items..... Realistic looking Fried Bacon  !!

Use as a Stage Prop, Show off your cooking skills !!! or just use to create a real good giggle !!!

Made in soft Rubber.

Lightweight Plastic Joke Pipe in Brown & Black.

Suitable for Popeye ! Stage Prop, Murder Mystery Accessory, General Joke.

Suitable for Adult / Older Child

Stink Bombs:

  • Pack of 3
  • Each Small vile when smashed will clear a room in seconds and leave a few Red Faces..... and  an awful "Pong" Behind ! !
  • Adult use only
  • Do not use on fabrics / Carpets !!!!

An All Time favourite ...... The Whoopie Cushion !!!

Everyone loves this all time classic..... certain to make your victim blush, and you double up in a fit of the giggles !!!!

Inflate the cushion, sneak it under a seat cushion and wait for your victim to be shocked with a terrible and embarrasing sound !!

Great for Adult & Kids Fun, Parties, Clown Trick !! 

A Lovely bright spotted Clown Bowtie.... With Squirt Power !!

The bowtie is of large proportion with attached pipe and hand squirt pump to allow the naughtyiest of clowns to squirt their on-lookers !!!

Attaches with elastic.

One size.

Suitable for adults / older child.

Gigantic Playing Cards:

  • Plastic coated superior playing cards
  • Extra Large for Fun Games, Jokes.
  • Full pack of standard playing card designs and suits.
  • Each card measures 11 " x 8 "
  • Cards come in Printed presentation box
  • Suitable for Adult & Child use.

Fake Puff Puff Cigarettes.

Realistic looking fake cigarette

With joke lit end these fake cigarettes are perfect for pulling a prank on Parents or friends !!!

Also suitable for 1920's accessory, Stage / Show production prop or accessory, Gangster Accessory,

Theatrical Flick Combe....

With a quick flick of a button, A black plastic combe flicks up out of the sturdy handle.....

Colour: Black & Silver

Suitable for Gangster Accessory, Spic Accessory. Stage Productions.

Classic Joke, Bottle End glasses.

Black Plastic Frame with Thick Magnified Plastic Lense.

Suitble For: Clowns, Mad Scientist, Nutty Professor, General Fancy Dress.

One Size: Adult / Child

Large Cigar...... Make a statement with this oversized cigar.

Great for: Gangster Accessory, Spiv Accessory, Stage Productions, TV Characters accessory, Jimmy Saville, A-Team, Magnum PI, Clent Eastwood, Mexican Bandit. 

Every Naughty Clown has a rubber chicken !!

Classic long rubber chicken which can be used as a prop for just teasing your audience, pull out of a hat, use for stage productions .... or just throw a chicken in the air !!!

Made in light weight rubber with printed design.

Joke Accessory / Clown Accessory

Juggling balls in a bright Multi coloured Design.

Classic Juggling ball style, these balls made in a leather look and feel fabric and are filled with small beans giving them a soft easy to use feel.

Comes in a set of 3.

Suitable for Clowns, Magicians, Funn games, Co-ordination learning skills.

A Big Beautiful Yellow flower with the power to Squirt !!!

Let your friends / Audience smell your lovely flower and then hit them with a big squirt of water in the face !!!!

Pins to and fabric, comes with attached pipe and squirt pump.

One size

Clown Accessory / Joke Accessory

Fun, Colourful Spray String........

Shake Can well, Press down on trigger and watch coloured string burst across the room !!

Great for Clown Accessory, muck up Day at school, Parties, Christmas,  General Joke.

 keep away from Pale fabrics and surfaces as may stain if left !!

Use As Directed On Can.


Take your Invisble dog for a walk on this fantastic trick lead.

Strong wired lead with PVC harness attached, this lead looks like your walking a dog that only you can see !!!


  • Comedy dog dog lead with collar
  • Lead is wired to give effect of dog on the end
  • Lead length 40"


Watch the puzzled faces of onlookers as you walk your invisible dog! A great prop for comedians and magicians.

Everyone will think you are Barking Mad !!!


Goofy Droopy Eyes On springs.

Black framed glasses with attached eyeballs on springs..... A classic Joke pair of glasses... As you move they "DOING" in and out, Up and down !!!

One size: Adult / Child.

Spinning plate with stick.

Suitable for Clown & Circus tricks, Child fun play,

Classic Style Magicians wand.

Black with silver trim at 2 ends.

Magicians Accessory

Joke Accessory:

Large Wind Up Chattering Teeth !!!

Wind these chattering teeth up and watch them ... Chatter !!!

Great for Clown Accessory, Joke accessory,

Mini Wind Up Chattering Teeth:


  • Small wind up chattering teeth
  • Wind up and watch them hop along while they chatter
  • Cute pink feet make these joke wind up teeth great fun for adults & Children
  • Plastic
  • Measures 1.5" front to back